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About VTones Ringtones and Cell Phone Sounds


In late 2008 – 2012, VTones quickly became one Myxer’s top indie ringtone suppliers, offering cellphone, android ringtones and i-phone ringtones audio content.

VTones were downloaded over 2.5 million times FREE worldwide. After 6 years now on it’s own, VTones are still enjoyed by users around the world.

Today, you can download the general VTones ringtones as unique themes and ringtone sets.

These sets or albums feature 15 to 50 fully produced one of a kind, original android ringtones, iphone ring-tones, text message alerts, voicemail greetings, event reminders, ring-back tones, cellphone sounds, kid voice clips, character voice drops, mobile phone sound effects and much more.

VTones are a great way to spice up your new i-phone, android phone, blackberry, or cellphone.

Give some personality to your android ringtones, and i-phone alerts. Stand out from the crowd.

Get started using VTones in minutes. Just pick some android ringtones, alert themes, text alerts, or other cellphone tone categories, and get your download your VTones in minutes.

How it Works: Once you get the link to your android ringtones, or mp3 ringtone zip, open the zip, save the MP3 audio files to your pc, mac, or tablet, and sync, or add them to your i-phone, mobile device, or android phone.

You can even drop and drag them it to your phones SD card, or a USB stick right from you zip file.

Make your i-phone, or android phone stand out in the crowd and be the life of the party with our unique VTones..

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