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VTones Content License and Use Terms


USE OF ALL MP3 AND AUDIO CONTENT IS LIMITED TO YOUR PERSONAL MOBILE DEVICE ONLY! Your purchase of any  VTones Theme, Single Ringtone, Audio Content and/or Sound Collections, does NOT include commercial use, or the right to distribute our content in any form.

  • Resale, OR Sharing Our  Audio Content is Strictly Prohibited!

You are licensed our cellphone, android and i-phone ringtones for use on up to (3) three personal phones, or devices. Violation of this license and our use agreement will result in prosecution under the Federal Digital Rights Act.

Upon purchase, you agree to the following terms;

  1. You can NOT sell, resell, re-license, sub-license, post, or give away VTones ringtones.
  2. You can NOT claim ownership of any VTones ringtone in any manner or media.
  3. You can NOT share VTones ringtones online, or on the web in any form without permission.
  4. You are only licensed rights to use VTones on a personal cellular phone, or mobile device.
  5. For further information on your legal use rights, email  [email protected] We do also offer a FREE membership to download some of our ringtones free. The VTones ringtone website offers text message alerts, cellphone alarms, phone sounds, sound effects, nature sounds, pet ringtones, animal ringtones, america ringtones, holiday ring tones, christmas ringtones, halloween ringtones, and thanksgiving ringtones, sound effects for phones, sports ringtones, holiday ringtones, tv ringtones, mothers day ringtones and more.

All are protected and included under this consumer use agreement!

Your purchase reflects your acceptance and understanding of this limited use license!

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