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Download Process – VTones Ringtones


VTones are a great way to spice up your i-phone, add some bling to your cellphone, or give some personality to your android phone.

Get started downloading VTones ringtones today.

Simply review, and pick a ringtone theme, or phone sound set, then purchase the theme.

Soon after watch for your zip link by email. Next click and download your new VTones.

Don’t worry, ringtone downloads at VTones Ringtones and Alerts is easy!

Really! Just Take the Following Steps!

1) Select a Theme and Listen to Themes MP3 Demo…

2) Click the Ringtone Downloads / Buy Now Button…

3) Make Your VTones Payment via PayPal…

4) Watch Your Email for a Link to Download Your VTones Zip…

5) Click on the Link and Save Your VTones Zip to Your PC, or Mac….

6) Open the Folder Where You Saved the Zip File…

8) Then Add Any of Our VTones to Your Android, Cellphone, i-Phone or Device…

9) Lastly Assign a VTones as a Ringtone, Text Alert, Calendar Reminder, Picture Mail, Voice Mail, Alarm, etc..

We allow ringtone downloads and use of our ringtones and audio content for private use on a SINGLE cellphone, android, tablet, or device. You may NOT IN ANY WAY copy, distribute, modify, sell, share, lend, or license any of our audio and ringtone content. All rights to the content are Copyright 2019 VoiceTOONS LLC.

If you would like to bundle, sell, or redistribute VTones please call our administration office at 970-223-3659 or visit our VTones support page.

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