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Funny Ringtones – Comedy Ringtones – Crazy Text Alerts

VTones Popular Ringtones & More!

These are some of our many fun, comical, humor, and sound-a-like ringtones at VTones.

Okay more like totally off-the-wall ring-tones to say the very least. Our android ring-tones and i-phone ringtones are perfect for use on your android cellphone, i-phone, smartphone, mobile device, or other mobile phone which supports MP3 audio formats.

VTones are a awesome way to spice up your own i-phone, android phone or blackberry adding some bling to your cellphone. These unique, original ringtones, give some personality to your new android phone, or i-phone.

Our themes are perfect for your android phone, i-phone, or other cellphone that excepts MP3 audio files. Ringtones include our famous TastyTones, PremoTones, TextTones, HillbillyTones, MapaTones, AmeriTones, BlastbackTones, GloryTones and more Search all of our ringtones and alerts on the home page too.

Download any VTones MP3 ringtone, text alert, phone alarm, voicemail greeting, or cellphone alarm, then save the MP3 to your pc, mac, or tablet. Then sync, or add it to your i-phone, device.

If you need to, just open the zip file after download, then drop and drag our VTones it to your cellphone SD card. It is really that easy using the supplied ZIP file sent to your email after payment as a link to download and Unzip.

Get started downloading VTones right now. Just pick a ringtone, phone sound, or phone alert category below and enjoy your new VTones ringtones.

VTones Ringtone Themes



Our famous comedy, funny, crazy and silly ringtones. Give your phone some true personality with these off-the-wall ringtones.



Our sound-a-like celebrity style ringtones bringing your android, or i-phone to life with a special celebrity touch of humor.



Let your phone warn you when dad, or mom calls. These zanny, wild ringtones are the perfect heads-up for your cellphone..



Talk about fun text message alerts. Next time you get a text message from someone, assign a unique text alert for each person.


BlastBack Tones

Old time, nostalgic ringtones for android phone, or i-phone.Take your cellphone back in time literally with our BlastBacks.



If you are a gamer, and who is not these days, then GameTones are for you. Game-on with some of our game ringtones.

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